Want to Trade?

Do you want to trade with me? I love being behind the camera so most any excuse will make it happen, that being said, a trade doesn’t mean working for free. I’d rather do a trade shoot and have some fun, maybe make a couple images we want to show the world than a traditionally test/go-see where we make some “polaroids” and all I have some non-filtered pictures and a set of measurements to skim through of you on my next casting.

Expectations vary wildly when people hear the phrase Time For Print, both photographers and models as well as anyone else that may be involved such as wardrobe stylist, makeup artist, etc. Most of us know what we invest and what we want in return but very rarely do we communicate that to others or get a clear understanding of their expectations, so below is a baseline Q&A of my expectations and offerings for a first time TFP with a new model.

Again, these are my baseline starting points, if we don’t discuss and agree to anything different, this is what I’m working off of. Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss any of these or to ask something I didn’t post.

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