Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is written by a real person who happens to be disabled and unable to read all the legalese of most other privacy policies posted online. I begrudgingly agree to some of said policies as the service is deemed necessary but adamantly disagree with most and hope to do better by my contacts and clients than you have come to expect. This statement is not written or approved by a lawyer and not legally binding and merely exists as a statement of Best Effort and Intent. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sale of personal information

Quite simply, I don’t do it, I think companies that do are scum. I make a best effort to not disclose it intentionally or otherwise as outlined below but I have no intention of selling your information to anyone. Should any relationship require the disclosure of your information I have every intent to make you aware of the circumstances and parties involved before it is shared.


I use an android phone, I backup my contacts to a Gmail account and may also communicate via that account so google has access to any/all of that information as per their privacy policy. This decision was made a decade or more ago and still proves a better privacy and security option over Apple. Additional complaints can be directed at Hewlett Packard for dismantling Palm Inc.

Social Media

I have not ever, nor do I intend to ever upload any contact information to any social media platform especially Meta properties including Facebook or Instagram for any reason. I will only tag photos on social media platforms with consent of the person(s) being tagged and when possible the forward knowledge of which brands they may be tagged with.

Other Website Data

I use google analytics and other Google products for a broad understanding of site activity and performance analysis, if you feel the need to block them please feel free and don’t hesitate to let me know if something on the site seems broken as a result so I can fix it for fellow privacy advocates.

My webhost is Hostinger and there should not be any privacy concerns there, my email servers are managed by their subsidiary Titan Email whereas the email servers remain managed by Zoho.

California Consumer Privacy Act – CCPA

I do not currently reside in or conduct any new business in the state of California thus the California Privacy Act does not apply here. My minimal effort includes not selling your information thus exceeding their legal requirement to “protect your privacy”. Furthermore I don’t specifically collect your information to report to the State of California for their own investigative reasons mostly seeming to resolve around collecting income taxes by “proclaimed residents”. If you are visiting my website or conducting any business with me it is presumed that you are doing so in or under the jurisdiction of the State of Idaho.

General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

I do not currently reside in or conduct any new business in the European Union, thus GDPR does not apply here. I don’t sell your information so spending any time or money to read or ensure compliance with overseas laws that have no real weight over me just isn’t going to happen. If you are visiting my website or conducting any business or communicating in any way with me it is presumed that you are doing so in the State of Idaho, USA and subject only to my local Jurisdiction.

Questions & Concerns

As previously stated, If you have any Questions or Concerns about this privacy statement or for that matter anything else, please don’t hesitate to Contact Me so we can resolve them.