Rest in peace @paul_brousseau. Even if Instagram is still considered the premier photo sharing social media platform, it’s time to give up and move on. Despite never having any warnings, suspensions or other infractions against my ten year old business account, they decided to permanently disable me for undisclosed reasons. No recent content to cause a stir, No “warning” emails about new logins from strange devices or locations, no warnings about old content and of course no response to any attempts to recover the account or even find out why. Although all of my photos were backed up elsewhere, unfortunately contact lists and ongoing conversations had no means of being backed up before or accessed after. I hope if you’re in that suddenly “ghosted” group you’ll find this and reach out to me here or another platform.

From the trends they’ve been following, I won’t miss the platform, I despise autoplay video, and just about everything else “Meta” is doing as a company. Let me know what other sites are getting your attention and want to see more of my work on.


Though I still want my original account back since it has years of images and tags; after a year off I’ve given in and made a new account @paul_brousseau_photography to be able to connect with people on the platform. I absolutely won’t pay for any more advertisements or even support products being advertised on Meta platforms until my original account is restored and an explanation given for is being disabled in the first place. For now at least I have a means to login to view profiles/images. I still don’t have their app installed on any devices, browser only and autoplay video is still offensive and will get you unfollowed.

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