Goodbye Adobe

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally happening; I’ve cancelled my Creative Cloud subscription from Adobe and moving to other applications that offer a stand alone license. I was never a fan of the subscription model and the abuse from Adobe just keeps getting worse. Bugs don’t get fixed while new features are focused on mobile and cloud platforms that just aren’t productive for a lot of professional work. Customer support has completely disappeared, hostile and abusive representatives that refuse to try to reproduce bugs and if allowed to remote to your computer insist on accessing folders and files completely unrelated to the adobe software, capturing and in at least one case publishing private data on other forums.

In the last year alone I’ve had 4 tickets closed as fixed that were not, others just disappear from support history and mention of them gets moderated out of official forums. Even the cancelation process reveals PCI violations. Adobe’s focus seems to have moved from being a software company catering to digital media creatives to being yet another advertising company. Many of the invasive scripts they have running on websites other websites are billed as analytic tools for those site owners yet capture data strictly provided to Adobe and not those sites for ad targeting. Adobe also spends considerable resources ensuring sites using their plugins don’t work for visitors choosing to block the invasive scripts even when the script itself is unrelated to any other functionality. What resour6ces remain in image editing software have shifted focus toward mobile development to go after a new user base which would be fine but it gets paid for by the subscriptions of the desktop software which is not receiving the benefits of it’s long standing loyal userbase. I’m not going to keep paying for software that hasn’t introduced enough useful upgrades to justify a singe upgrade fee while introducing new bugs and removing features I rely on.

Now the question remains on where to move, On1, DXO, or Capture One???

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